whistl.com website restored

Today, I installed mysql-server, and restored my old whistl.com website database and website files on my new Digital Ocean virtual private server. I’m following the same old formula there, using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and LXD to containerize the nginx webserver the mysql container, and the postfix SMTP server.

new domain email servers

This weekend, I built two new virtual servers, one at home named mail1, and one in the Digital Ocean cloud named mailrelay. It’s a pretty simple setup.

Mailrelay just runs postfix, and is just an SMTP relay between mail1 and the Internet. Mail1 runs postfix, dovecot, and various anti-spam measures, and is the email server for my domain. Mail1 handles all email client access, like our laptops and and cell phones.

Email clients fetch your email inbox from, and deliver all outbound email to mail1. Mail1 forwards all outbound email to mailrelay, which delivers it. Mailrelay is the MX host for my domain, so all Internet hosts will deliver any email addressed to my domain to him, and he will forward it to mail1 as soon as possible. That way, if my home server goes down, the email is stored inside my own domain, and gets out of the cloud as soon as possible. The DO cloud host has a static IP address and reverse DNS lookup, which are neccessary for Internet service.

I need to setup a second mailrelay, maybe in another cloud, as a secondary server now.

over a million home routers vulnerable to remote hackers

“The most ludicrous of these two flaws is the first, which basically allows anyone to access the router’s internal settings by appending the “?images” string to any URL, effectively giving anyone control over the router’s configuration.”